Illuminati Members in Tanzania, Kenya and Other Countries in Africa

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Every time I sit down to write about Illuminati I just get this frowning face while writing because this is a topic that people keep on asking all over the world with the aim of being members or in desperate need of knowing who are members within a particular region or country. The question is, “then what? 

I say, if you want to be a member, “be a self made Illuminati, steer your life in the direction you want it to go and be your own life’s witch!” Whatever you believe in act as the steering of your life; if you believe in God, then he will provide you with a registration form to lead any kind of life you want on planet earth with NO regrets.

One of the primary goals of Illuminati is to establish a local influence in every country on this planet. That is what they say! They also say that they agree with the concept of individual rights and free thinking. Meaning, you don’t believe in God, Satan or anything spiritual; just focusing on science.

The said members of Illuminati in Tanzania Include:

 1. Naseeb Abdul Jumaa AKA Diamond Platinumz. 

Diamond Plutinumz


On this Picture, Naseeb seem to be having fun with a white friend sometime in the year 2012. When asked if he was a Freemason (not Illuminati  he said that he wasn't sure if he was automatically recruited into it after taking the picture with Freemason pose. My take? (He could be, because he enjoys it! We will ask him to clarify this and update here!



 2. Ali Kiba.

Ali Kiba



It’s also being said that Ali Kiba is a Freemason  You also cannot buy any kind of reasoning that he was once famous then went off. My take?  (No evidence, there’s nothing to put against him!)



3.Jacquelin Wolper.

Jacque Wolper


Popular Tanzanian Actress. My take? (No evidence, the speculation isn’t important!)






The said Members of Illuminati in Kenya. 

1. "The Dead Group" Camp Mulla. 

Camp Mulla


NO. They are not! Just because they have succeeded in their music doesn't mean they are members of Illuminati. No one has any evidence that point Camp Mulla group to Illuminati. 


 2. Octopizzo.



This is an automatic NO. Read more of Octopizzo’s Illuminati saga here: IS OCTOPIZZO ILLUMINATI?



3. Nonini.



When you mention Nonini as Illuminati, then seriously something better need to be written and told. Nonini is not an Illuminati. 



Other African celebrities believed to be members of Illuminati group include.

1. Psquare (Paul and Peter) – Nigeria

2. Asamoah Gyan – Ghana

3. D’banj – Nigeria

4. Teargas - South Africa

The success of an individual doesn't make him/her an Illuminati.

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