Wahu Expecting a second child.

Written by  Editor Published in Entertainment Wednesday, 22 May 2013 17:10
Wahu and Nameless Wahu and Nameless

It's admirable how 'Sweet love' Singer Wahu interact with fans on her facebook page. She makes it simple and very natural, as she always try to answer most questions asked by her fans. Well, she revealed that she is pregnant and expects a second child besides releasing her new song by the end of the week. 

This is how the conversation went on her page. 

 Fiona Pesh Okoma: is maintaining your hair an easy task?

Wahu: my hair is not hard to maintain becoz apart from the color, its natural. I jus moisturize it daily as it tends to dry

Grace Wanja Kiarie: is it true that ur paged?

Wahu: yes i am :-)

Gidi Rosh: when will get another song 4 us?

Wahu: im releasing a song either end of this week or next week

Kagure Waweru: second born ni lini?

Wahu: veeerrryyy soon!!! :-)

Carlynn Gitahi: Can i have a collabo with you?

Wahu: lets hear what you've got! :-)

Joseph Mungai: How old r yu?

Wahu: hehehe!! 18!! with a couple of yrs of experience!

ByRon Tucker: How Many Kidz Are U Planning To Hav?

Wahu: 3 kids if God wishes!

Sam Perkins Omosh: Do love luo music ??

Wahu: i love all sorts of music, Luo included.

Juddy Mumbi: umekula wat ?

Wahu: Sikuwa na appetite, so nimekula tu matunda

Claudia Clouds Rapper: Wat can we expect frm yah soon?

Wahu: im releasing a slowish love song latest by next week 

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