If you watch this video, you can easily tell that this are people who have enjoyed the hospitality and kindness of Kenyans hence they can speak some Swahili like a Kenyan living in the Coast or Perhaps a Tanzanian.

[IMAGE] Wyre and his Son

Written by Saturday, 19 April 2014 17:34

Dancall Artist Wyre Introduces his handsome son to the public. Below is a photo of Wyre and his son.

Dr. Owuor who recently caused a stir in the Nairobi CBD leading to the closure of a shop which he went into hence barring other customers from purchasing until he was through with his own, has done it again. He was supposed to travel to Eldoret for a crusade and here are some of the images of his Eldoret followers washing the road with Omo awaiting his arrival.

On security issues, I will always remain calm because all Kenyans need a secure country where they live and do business without fear. A commenter on social media wrote that leaders should not use the word “Muslims” to shield terrorism acts or prevent the government from performing security operations on suspected areas. He went ahead and wrote that whilst all Muslims are not terrorists, majority of the known terrorists are Muslims who happen to be of Somali Origin.

Andre Johnson, a rapper affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, cut off his penis before leaping from a building, according to reports.

Bennie Man is with no doubt one of the world most respected dancehall artist who happened to have visited Nairobi during his hey days as a top dancehall master. Checkout the photo Mutoko took with him.

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